Monday, 30 June 2008

This very beautiful selection of work is a small sample of the art created by Strawberry in her wonderful etsy shop,  rivermoonblossom. In her profile she states;
"I am a ceramic and jewelry artist living in upstate NY. I am also a travelling gypsy. I am inspired by the many beautiful places I have lived, including New Mexico, The California Coast, the Pacific North West, Key West, the Adirondacks, Mexico, and the Caribbean . Strawberry Angela Curls AKA Fancy Feet the Wind Dancer, throws beautiful colors up into the air, making sure the wind is the perfect speed and from the ideal direction. She then waves a square of earth that has previously interacted with fire to catch the liquified colors. Thus she cooperates with the four elements to create ceramics of exquisite beauty and inspiring content. I love bright colors in my home, on my body and in my art work. I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as I enjoy making it.
I am inspired by bright colors, mexican art, day of the dead, guadalupe, goddess myths, tattoos, rockabilly, art nouveau, nature spirits, flowers, sun and shadow, the moon."

I love the colours that Stawberry uses and the somewhat, folk art feel to her work. She contacted me regarding a trade and we ended up trading for two pieces, one of which i look forward to giving a my friend as a gift. 
Feel free to check out her shop and her two  blogs,  both are equally fantastic.   ( thank you Strawberry for the interview and promotion on the creativevoices blog  : ) 


sol y sombra creations said...

HI Jen~

Thank you so much for featuring me...that is so kind of you!!!! I am excited.
I have gotten alot a great compliments about your work and interview on the creative voices blog...
~you are wonderful~

Laura B said...

What a fab interview! It is always so exciting to find out a little bit about the artist. I'm off now to check out Strawberry Blogs!

Callooh Callay said...

These are absolutely charming! I love her use of pattern and color.

raining sheep said...

so pretty...I will check her store out. I got your print framed and it is talked about on my blog.