Saturday, 31 January 2009

While visiting the Post Office this morning i noted the latest set of stamps to be issued by the Royal Mail were of classic British Design and i could not resist. They include  the classic Penguin book covers, British telephone boxes, (which although are rarely used anymore due to the rise of mobile phones are, in fact, listed buildings.) and the London Underground map. I love them!

One of my all time favourite pieces of Design is James Victore's 1993 anti Racism image. In my opinion, it communicates so much more than any amount of words can.
What about you do you have a favourite piece of classic design you wanna share?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I treated my self to this beautiful print while in New York. I wanted something that i would treasure for a long time and this  photograph seem to sum up my wonderful trip as well as the city itself. The artist, Ciaran Tully can be found here.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

New York, seems to me, to be full of very yummy looking bakeries. Please note that i said "yummy LOOKING bakeries", I did not visit every single one, tempted though i was. The one we could not resist was Magnolia Bakery, it was the one featured in Sex and the city so we felt we had to give it a go!! The white and dark chocolate swirly cheesecake had my name all over it! though not for long. It was delicious! and worth the trip alone : ) (well nearly).

These yummy treats seem much better for the waist line though;
(from the top left)

Friday, 23 January 2009

Phew i'm back!!
And i though it was cold in Scotland but Manhattan was much, much chillier than any thing we have here! (typical Brit get the rant about weather out of the way straight off). But other than that the trip was wonderful!!! 
I went to as many of the museums and galleries as a girl could fit into 5 days, plenty of shopping, sight seeing and fun as well. My favourite was the MoMA, which i would gladly move into, if only they'd let me, but a close second was the American Society of Illustrators Gallery, which had a most wonderful exhibition on, of contemporary American illustrations.
I thought i'd share some of my photos;

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Am off...
on holiday that is!
I am spending a week in New York on a study trip with my students.
It is so dull here in Scotland right now i am looking forward to a change of light! although i am lead to believe it is very cold so i have packed lots of layers. Will no doubt have much to tell on my return but until then, have a good week.
Images/creations, from top left, belong to:
New York Rhinestone Cuff - swett
Time Square in motion - CamerasEye
New York winter 2007 screenprint - snphillips
NYC Souvenir - BROOKLYN rehab

Monday, 5 January 2009

It's a wee bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all!
I thought i would share with  you some of the gifts i was fortunate enough to receive over the Christmas period.

starting in the top left corner;