Saturday, 10 January 2009

Am off...
on holiday that is!
I am spending a week in New York on a study trip with my students.
It is so dull here in Scotland right now i am looking forward to a change of light! although i am lead to believe it is very cold so i have packed lots of layers. Will no doubt have much to tell on my return but until then, have a good week.
Images/creations, from top left, belong to:
New York Rhinestone Cuff - swett
Time Square in motion - CamerasEye
New York winter 2007 screenprint - snphillips
NYC Souvenir - BROOKLYN rehab


Rosebud Collection said...

Have a wonderful time..Sounds like fun to me..

Rosemoo said...

It's definitely cold here in the big city. Plus it's snowing all this weekend! I recommend regular clothes as if for a mild fall day, plus a sweatshirt, plus a coat. Also, scarf, hat and gloves. And waterproof snuggly boots with warm socks if possible.

That should do it.

I probably won't see you but if you need any pointers I live just outside the city and can send you good vibes or food advice places to eat or fun places to go!



Laura B said...

wooopeee! Have a great trip :)

annabarrow said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Have funnnnnnnnn!

raining sheep said...

Eeks! New York!! that is just so cool!!! I love New York and had the best trip there - very expensive, bring lots of money. And yeah, it is pretty cold there right now.

Art By MAR said...

Great pictures glad you enjoyed your trip. Looks like a wonderful time--I have not been there for a very long time.