Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Today i managed to add a list of blogs i like to visit to the side bar of my blog, (just under the flickr images).
No big deal right? 
except that it has taken me ages to figure out how to do this and of course when i did manage it all was so easy i don't know what took me so long!
Any way if your blog is there i hope you don't mind me adding you. It is nice to think there is this wee group of people who let me peak through a tiny window into their lives. : )

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Feel free to have a look at my EGGstremely EGGciting treasury  : 0 )  "How do you like your eggs" in the morning? i like mine with a kiss

I have been such a busy little bee lately, (mixed exhibition coming up) but still there is always time to make chocolate brownies for a friend right  : )  (did not make the wee shoes)

One of the things i like about Etsy is the interview near the bottom of the front page. I find it intriguing to learn a little about the crafts people/artist/hobbiest  on Etsy, how they work, what influences them etc. I suppose it is very comforting to know you are not alone ; )  My most favourite bit is the photos that people supply. Sometimes they are portraits, sometimes they are quite abstract but often they are images of that persons studio/work space and this what i like best of all, probably because i am a bit noisy and i think that often you can learn much about a person by the things they surround themselves with.
So i decide to look at my studio space and wondered what untold narrative the pictures revealed.
Conclusion : i might just be the messiest person on the planet!!!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

If you have ever stalked the treasury, waiting, ever so patiently, for the number to drop below 333, then you do not want to know that i was passing the computer and thought i would just have a wee look at the treasury list only to find the number was 334, i sat down, typed a title into the top box and not 2 mins later, hey presto the magic box at the bottom of the screen appeared!!
 ( i was a little zealous with the copy+paste though and messed up the title  : (   It was supposed to read "olives are yummy" only
Still don't hold it against me, 
feel free to have a look at it  here,    thanks  : )
I bought all of these lovely goodies  from a talented designer, Little Black Duck,  (this is her shop name not hers : )

They are made from the softest leather and suede and feel just wonderful to touch. The pencil roll and the business card holder are for a friend but, the pink purse, i' m just gonna keep for myself.   : )

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ony an hour left to go but i just found one of my prints i this wonderful treasury by crankbuny, thank you!!!

Over the last couple of months my lil sister has bought some prints from some very talented designers on etsy. Well she had not got round to framing them so she gave them to me, to frame for her. I found frames in a local shop priced at £4 each, cut some new mounts and before you know it, 3 rather fab looking pictures!!  (sorry about the reflections).
From the left the etsy shops are:  scarlettcat -black cat red background,  tanyabond- black and white cat, theblackapple -girl with wee white cat.
Hope she likes them : )

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Here are my latest charity shop finds:  a lovely wee selection of buttons, 4 linen napkins (unused),a boxed candle set,two tiny wee cups/bowls/vessels, a set of fondue forks with pretty multi coloured ends, a most fantastic "wizard of oz" pop-up  book, in perfect condition  (only £1.50 !!!) and finally two hand thrown earthen ware tea/coffee pots. i am so thrilled with my bargains, I think "my charity shop finds"  might become a regular feature, here on my blog   : )
Now i know i'm not the only one out there who loves to rummage amongst the things other people give away, feel free to post a link.

Friday, 18 April 2008

About a 10 days ago i was trying to decide which of the lovely necklaces i would choose from my short list of presents for my friend. (see entry 6th April)  Well, in the end i bought two from charlieccbb  and they arrived not long afterwards. And as promise here they are!
 Aren't they just lovely, and the generous charlieccbb charged me for only one of them!!! 
 wot a star   : D     If you like what you see, check out her fab shop!!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

I am more of a "wild flower" kinda girl than anything to architectural     (if you know what i mean?) and i picked up these two bunches of Lisianthus and Alstroemerias the other day. They are so pretty, but in truth i cannot remember which is which? Aw well i love them just the same!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Also received my 10 free Moo cards today, (cos i upgraded my flickr account) they are so adorable, i definitely need to order some more!

New shoes!  Is there anything i the world quite as exciting?
I really don't need them and i probably won't even have much cause to wear them but,  they are pretty and they were in a sale so...                    Aw come on you've done it too,   i know you have  : )

Monday, 7 April 2008

Last night i bought a necklace on etsy,  ( i'll share when it arrives here i promise ) So in the interest of ying and yang i thought i would make a new necklace and post it in my shop, can't say fairer than that now can i?  
anyway here it is, hope you enjoy ; )

Sunday, 6 April 2008

 A friend of mine has a birthday soon and i have been busy exploring lots of etsy shops in order to find something for her. She and her husband are quite food orientated, (grow their own veggies etc),  so i thought one of these pieces of jewellery might make her laugh. ( i used esty postersketch to allow me to view them all at the same time). Problem is, they are all so adorable it is hard to choose one. I like the breakfast necklace with the tiny carton of eggs, on the other hand the cakes all look so pretty who would not want to wear them : ). I think the brooches are a good idea too since i think i have given her a necklace previously as a gift. The tea time biscuits plate is adorable but the felt cakes by KupKup are so beautifully packaged! Oh it is so hard to make a decision.

(starting in the top left corner the etsy shops are: delavalle, minimania, robinsjewelrybox, kupkup, pinkhellokitty,minimania, charlieccbb, picnicbybarbfeldman, robinsjewelerybox, pukashel, yurapockylover, picnicbybarbfeldman)

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Had a little trip to the local charity shop this morning,  and manage to find a couple of bargains, well i though so anyway. Firstly a pair of cute little pumps, well it will be summer soon! only £3.99 and also an incomplete coffee set( £8). I  have the pot ,a jug for warm milk (i think), sugar bowl,8 cups 10 saucers and 2 saucer/plates. God knows what i'll do with 10 saucers and 8 cups but... ? The truth is i just liked the shape of the pot and jug : ) There is no stamp on the set except  the jug has the date 1973 on the base, i can testify that was an excellent year!

Friday, 4 April 2008

late last night i changed the banner in my shop. I have included some shots of my lino cutting tools as well as some of the imagery from one of my prints. Am quite happy with how it looks but it seems to me to be very slightly out of focus? (just a tiny wee bit but still...)
The original was created in photoshop and when i checked it, it seems fine ?
Still here it is in situ

Oh my gosh !!!
i was so happy yesterday cos i was in a treasury, well today 
the treasury which i curated is on the front page!!!!
am so thrilled, i hope lots of the lovely products in it sell sell sell
You can see the original post about this treasury 3 or 4 posts down!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

let me just say that again, 
woo hooo
I am featured in a most lovely treasury
There i am, my big bum, right there in the middle you can't miss it!!
It is curated by tizzalicious who has a great etsy shop, if you have the time check it out :)

I think that i am missing all of that lovely easter chocolate, (oh yeh it did not last long around here!) Anyway these little chocolate critters seem to have appear. i wonder how long they will last?

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I purchased the most lovely soap from a fellow etsian BlueMarmalade. It is heather and honey flavoured and not only is it an absolute joy to use it smells so good you would not believe it. I use it as a daily facial cleanser, it is that soft, and full of nothing but natural goodies like shea butter, olive oil and of course heather honey. It arrived beautifully packaged as you see and there was a fantastic  wee tub of mint chocolate flavoured lip balm included absolutely free! Mmmm it smells and tastes yummy! 
For more of her loveliness see here : )

The funny thing is though, although i choose the honey soap for all of it's wonderful healing properties, i was totally unprepared for the effect the smell of heather honey soap would have on me. When i was a wee girl my dad kept bees on the heather covered hills above our cottage, in a tiny glen in Scotland. The smell of the soap transported me back, instantly to childhood memories of watching him to "smoke out" the bees from the hives and of eating honey fresh off the comb : ) He died 18 yrs ago today and when i opened the parcel this morning i was so happy that it had arrived on this day, since it made me think of him. Maybe i was thinking of him all along.

okay just a tiny wee micro blog at the moment!
i grabbed a treasury on etsy,
 Woohoo!   It is called "Promise a lot and give even more"
you can find it here
i absolutely love the icarus puzzle it is so beautiful and the "chirp" necklace is too cute!
hope you enjoy