Sunday, 6 April 2008

 A friend of mine has a birthday soon and i have been busy exploring lots of etsy shops in order to find something for her. She and her husband are quite food orientated, (grow their own veggies etc),  so i thought one of these pieces of jewellery might make her laugh. ( i used esty postersketch to allow me to view them all at the same time). Problem is, they are all so adorable it is hard to choose one. I like the breakfast necklace with the tiny carton of eggs, on the other hand the cakes all look so pretty who would not want to wear them : ). I think the brooches are a good idea too since i think i have given her a necklace previously as a gift. The tea time biscuits plate is adorable but the felt cakes by KupKup are so beautifully packaged! Oh it is so hard to make a decision.

(starting in the top left corner the etsy shops are: delavalle, minimania, robinsjewelrybox, kupkup, pinkhellokitty,minimania, charlieccbb, picnicbybarbfeldman, robinsjewelerybox, pukashel, yurapockylover, picnicbybarbfeldman)

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