Tuesday, 22 April 2008

If you have ever stalked the treasury, waiting, ever so patiently, for the number to drop below 333, then you do not want to know that i was passing the computer and thought i would just have a wee look at the treasury list only to find the number was 334, i sat down, typed a title into the top box and not 2 mins later, hey presto the magic box at the bottom of the screen appeared!!
 ( i was a little zealous with the copy+paste though and messed up the title  : (   It was supposed to read "olives are yummy" only
Still don't hold it against me, 
feel free to have a look at it  here,    thanks  : )


Sheryl Wong said...

that's one of my favourite colors too! :) it's classic.

Mrs.French said...

I love your "olive." :)

picciolo said...

great treasury! and I love the pencil holder below too
: )