Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I purchased the most lovely soap from a fellow etsian BlueMarmalade. It is heather and honey flavoured and not only is it an absolute joy to use it smells so good you would not believe it. I use it as a daily facial cleanser, it is that soft, and full of nothing but natural goodies like shea butter, olive oil and of course heather honey. It arrived beautifully packaged as you see and there was a fantastic  wee tub of mint chocolate flavoured lip balm included absolutely free! Mmmm it smells and tastes yummy! 
For more of her loveliness see here : )

The funny thing is though, although i choose the honey soap for all of it's wonderful healing properties, i was totally unprepared for the effect the smell of heather honey soap would have on me. When i was a wee girl my dad kept bees on the heather covered hills above our cottage, in a tiny glen in Scotland. The smell of the soap transported me back, instantly to childhood memories of watching him to "smoke out" the bees from the hives and of eating honey fresh off the comb : ) He died 18 yrs ago today and when i opened the parcel this morning i was so happy that it had arrived on this day, since it made me think of him. Maybe i was thinking of him all along.

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High Desert Diva said...

Nothing like smell to take us back. Nice memory.