Sunday, 20 April 2008

Over the last couple of months my lil sister has bought some prints from some very talented designers on etsy. Well she had not got round to framing them so she gave them to me, to frame for her. I found frames in a local shop priced at £4 each, cut some new mounts and before you know it, 3 rather fab looking pictures!!  (sorry about the reflections).
From the left the etsy shops are:  scarlettcat -black cat red background,  tanyabond- black and white cat, theblackapple -girl with wee white cat.
Hope she likes them : )


XUE said...

what a nice trio of cats!

T said...

Great job and what wonderful taste your sister has!!

Sheryl Wong said...

i love the one on the right, with the little girl and cat. wonderful colors!