Monday, 16 June 2008

Last week i was fortunate enough to complete a trade between myself and feltathome . In exchange for two prints Phillipa and Alex made me a people purse, modeled on my sister, and here she is,
I sent them an image of my sis and then choose what type of outfit she would wear. The attention to detail is amazing, just look at the wee buttons on her shoes : )
Along with the purse came a second wee parcel also full of goodies!

If you can spare the time have a look at Feltathomes shop, it is full of wonderful creations made with love and care, the girls are very sweet and friendly too!
Here is just a small selection of their work.


Hey Harriet said...

Oh that is the most adorable purse I have ever seen! I just love little people with big heads. They are my favourite kind of people! I'm sure your sister has a head more in proportion to the rest of her body than the purse person, but I'll now think of your sis as having an extra big head :D

littlebird said...

in truth, Harriet,
my sister's head is only slightly more in oroportion to her body! he he
(just as well she does not read my blog, with that big head of hers she could crush me!!!)

T said...

LOL! That is the cutest purse ever!! Thank you so much for the giggle today, I needed it!

raining sheep said...

So cute. I love that purse. I love things that are very personal. I think that sounds like a great swap.

made by molly said...

Super cute! Your etsy store is great! :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - thanks Jennifer.....Absolutely LOVE all your stuff, & I love those brooches...I feel I need to have one of those....why, oh why do you have to make such GREAT stuff.....?? That blog entry's really made me smile :)

Phillipa x