Thursday, 5 June 2008

These are some more of the other lovely gifts i received on my birthday. I'm sure you'll agree the sock monkeys are wonderful!! The wee jam/marmalade(?) set is gorgeous and a fab charity shop find on behalf of my friend. But i think the most wonderful gift of all was the 3 charactors you see in the first photo. They too came from the charity shop but have been handmade with love and care. I suppose someone  out grew them and so they find their way to me : ) There is a chef, a soldier and a little red riding hood type figure which is a rather odd combination and leads me to wonder if there were more of them at one time? I love them. 


Laura B said...

What a wonderful selection of birthday gifts! I love the little marmalade set, thrift shopping is the best kind because you have to hunt out the fab stuff and you know it has a history.

Sheryl Wong said...

happy belated birthday to you!

i agree with you totally about the 3 characters in the first photo! they captured my attention from the word go! i love them too!