Thursday, 3 December 2009

fingerprint Friday

Technically it is still thursday night here in the UK but i was so  swamped last Friday i did not get a chance to blog, so though i am a little early this week at least I'm here!
Winter brings  has many down sides to it, rain, bitter cold, the flu to name but a few, however does not He always put roses amongst the thorns? The sunset are glorious, even if they are at 4 in the afternoon!

To view all of the fingerprint entries or to join in yourself please visit  Pampering beki


Rosebud Collection said...

The sky is always a favorite of mine..What a beautiful picture you captured..Hope all is well with you..Happy Fingerprint Friday.

gina said...

what a breathtaking photo!

indeed we should appreciate the little things- every day has the potential to be wonderful. :)

Snowcatcher said...

Love the hues in the sky. That's beautiful!