Friday, 20 November 2009

Fingerprint Friday

On Sunday afternoon i took the last few slices of  bread from the kitchen and went down to the rivers edge to feed a small flock of ducks. The last of the bread had gone a little stale, (it's not often food gets the chance to go off in my house but Sunday morning means croissants, right?).  Some of it was too hard for them to swallow, so they picked the pieces up in their bills and waddled into the water where they dropped them in, turning the bread from hard to squishy.

"How clever" i thought, the next time i find something too hard to deal with i must try to remember to do the same!

The sound of their wee webbed feet slapping against the wet sand as they ran back up to me made me 

laugh out loud and if i could i would share it with you, but as it is here is a picture of the river instead.

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Jody said...

Wow! That was clever!

Rebekah said...

aw, I can imagine the sound! sweet!

Rosebud Collection said...

Have been having trouble with my thyroid and can't seem to get it together..Every since I stayed up the whole night when baby was born..I went downhill with vertigo/tired/etc..hoping to get this worked out..You are so sweet to notice I was missing..Bless you..xoxoRosebud.

artsyclay said...

Ducks are so delightful! I used to live by a lake and feed the ducks and geese there.

My favorite bird-experience was at a friend's wedding outdoors by a lake. In the middle of the vows, a huge flock of geese came out of the water and walked amid the bride and groom and guests, honking so loudly that the preacher had to stop the ceremony and wait till they quieted down. Everyone was laughing. Her dad said "She wanted nature - she GOT nature!" Perhaps they were giving their honks of approval. :)