Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tutorial: how to make a toy dog kennel for free.

You know how when you buy a kid a big present they often end up playing with the box? Well this is a tutorial on how to make use of spare cardboard and create a gift for free.

I have made a dog kennel but you could very easily adapt yours to make a stable, fire station, doll house, barn etc. Although you can use any old boxes I like the look of brown boxes and they worked well for the kennel. You want to try and get as big boxes as possible/necessary. I went to my local craft shop and asked them for the boxes that sheets of mount board come in, so that I had large expanses of “fold free” card. You might also try the local supermarket or any other type of shop.

 You will need: cardboard, Stanley knife, spare blades (cutting the card will blunt the blades quickly), ruler, setsquare, cutting mat(s) and a pencil.

These sketches will show you the four sides of the kennel you need to cut first of all. I have marked the sizes down but yours might be different depending on the size you want to make. The front and the back of the kennel are the same size as are the two side panels.

After cutting the 4 panels you then cut a door in the front piece.

Next you cut the slits, which will allow two pieces to be adjoined. On the four corners there must be an over lap, for strength, so do not cut too near the edge of the card (allow at least 3cm/1inch). On both sides of the side panels cut down, from the top to the bottom, approx 2/3 of the way making sure that the slit is only as wide as the card is thick. Then cut from the bottom up appox 1/3 at both sides of the front and back pieces.

The 4 pieces will then slot together to make the body of the kennel.

You then need to measure the length of the roof you want, remember you will probably want an overhang of say 3cmm/1inch so be sure to add this to the final measurement. Measure from the top of the front panel down to the side edge, add your overhang and then double it. 

Allow an overhang for the back and front also and add this to your length. The roof should be cut in one single piece and then scored down the middle allowing the piece to fold. (If you do not have a piece of card big enough you could tape 2 pieces together). The simplest way to measure where to cut the slots on the roof is to place the roof atop the kennel and mark with a pencil where the slits should go so as to fit with the up struts. 

All that is left is to fit the kennel together and decorate as necessary.


A sturdy Kennel, which will fold flat when not in use and when it is a little battered or no longer played with it, can go into the re-cycling bin.

Cost- Nothing

Please let me know if you make a kennel, house, garage etc 

I’d love to see them!


Laura B said...

Cool! Unfortunately Pablo still chews cardboard so it would end up in a soggy pile very quickly in my house, but maybe could make it with little cousin for one of her hundreds of teddys :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Now this is what I call, "using the gifts God gave you" clever and cute..Thanks for posting.

zukzuk said...

We're admiring your blog (my son and I) and he is busy drawing/copying some of the images (birds and hearts) from your blog when we open something magical that arrived in our mailbox...

Imagine his surprise when he sees the same bird and hearts!

Lovely, lovely, heartwarming and lovingly received!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas,

raining sheep said...

Wow, ok, I don't think I could do that. I can't seem to measure anything right. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed holiday season. We will catch up again in 2010! Hugs.

Laura B said...

I love your festive banner!
I hope you are having a lovely holiday and wish you peace & joy in the year ahead!

icandy... said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I love your fabulous tutorials! always brings a smile to my face to read your blog - a very happy new year to you - Phillipa x