Thursday, 17 September 2009

My Creative Space

These past couple of weeks have been quite mad, it is the beginning of a new academic year and i have been busy preparing new lectures, hand outs and briefs for my first year Design Studies students. 
My creative space this week has been in lecture slides.
In trying to engage the students during a lecture on "what is design" I was trying to explain visual literacy (not an easy task!) i was also aware that my visual language and the slides i was using had to be engaging. Rather than just list all the qualities that design thinking must encompass i found this wonderful website which allows you to be creative with the physical layout of words. i typed in the list of word and the site then generates this beautiful word cloud.
So much more fun than a list.

the site can be found here

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Tania said...

When you have that explaining visual literacy thing down pat, can you let me in on it? That one is always a doozy of a lecture!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Now if I was in maths class and they taught lessons like this I would have caught on much quicker. That's a fantastic visual tool. You can't help but read it and figure it out!! "Sustainability" stands out to me the most. Where are your classes I am enrolling hehe.

xo Steph