Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I hadn't been to the cinema in ages and then last week i went twice!  (wild am i not?)
Firstly i went with Lisa to see "500 days of summer" which is a very accessible boy meets girl, boy loses girl, does boy get girl back? type story. The chronological order has been messed about with and we jump back and forward between good days and bad in their relationship. It's a kinda chick flick from a blokes point of view. (or not depending on what type of a guy you are?). It's a lot of fun and very easy going. i'd give it 6/10, Lisa, in case you were wondering, is going to be first in line for the dvd release she loved it : )
Later in the week i saw "Julie and Julia". Sometimes i cannot believe how talented and versatile Meryl Streep is, as always she shines her co-star Stanley Tucci is wonderful also! This is a tale of two women seperated by time and geography. One of them writes a cook book and the other challenges herself to produce every recipe in it within a year. One word of warning about this film  though, the food in it looks mouth watering and you are gonna want to eat afterwards! At one point a delicious looking desert gets dropped and therefor ruined, i gasped out loud!   loved it 8.5/10  : )


zukzuk said...

Okay, based on the comments about food and the fact that Meryl Streep is doing her thang I'm gonna go see this. I'll be watching out for the horrible moment when the dessert meets the floor!

Hey Harriet said...

I hope to see the Julie and Julia film really soon! I read the book last year and enjoyed it and I'm thinking I'll enjoy the film more than the book (not usually the case) due to the yummy delights being up on a big screen!!! Glad you enjoyed it :)