Saturday, 4 April 2009

ShoPping List  SAturday ::
This week some wonderful pieces that i stumbled upon through the week,
First up is a beautiful sculpture called Surprise Party (cat) by alfalfalovesme
The sense of humour and wit in this piece really tickled me. Be sure to have a look at the shop there are racoons, rabbits and crows also, to name but a few,

This delightful piece by lulubugjewelery is crafted in silver and concrete, yes that's right concrete! i love the idea of mixing two such unlikely materials but i know you'll agree the outcome is fabulous.

This t-shirt by bongotees just makes me wanna touch it!!!
It looks so tactile and i like the colour,  the simple truth is i want it!

To view all of the  Shopping Lists this Saturday, or to participate your self please visit  Fancy Picnic.


Jane said...

What an interesting list! That cat sculpture is just perfect.

edward and lilly said...

Oh wow, that sculpture is amazing!

cateholst said...

Gorgeous shirt. Imagine making all those loops and sewing them together???

LornaSmithStudio said...

Hi there, just found your blog via McEtsy. Love your blog and your finds....esp the cat sculpture.
Lorna x