Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I thought i might share with you these two little books ( there is a third in the series), written by the designer Kate Spade. They are a gift for a friend, and i was drawn to them initially because of the wonderful illustrations by Virginia Johnson but the subject matter is also delightful and i could not help but smile when i glanced through them!
The first is entitled  "style" and as well as lots of advice on which colours go together there are lists of stylish films and books, colour associations and fabulous quotes. The second, "Manners" is  charming and i know my friend and i will giggle over the advice it administers. On the very first page there is advice for oyster eating, not something i need worry about, unless you think there is still a chance that Mr Big will turn up and sweep me away to dinner in New York, a la Sex in the City?  
... ah well a girl can dream!

Oh and  P. S. you can buy a Kate Spade barbie doll complete with wee dog!

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Anonymous said...

Love Kate Spade's illustrations! What a lovely gift... hmm maybe for me!