Tuesday, 17 March 2009

This is a funny little site that i stumbled upon, via someone else's blog, (forgive me for not crediting you i could not remember). Anyhow you get to create a super hero! 
Here i am,
Lord knows what i intend to do with that whip thing, kick ass i suppose!  He he.

And now for something a lot less vain, 
The winners of my pay it forward give away.

Names were drawn at random and  are as follows: 
Kate Boyce
Gudrun Johnston
Gillian 1

(please note there were two Gillians entered so i named them 1 and 2 so as to distinguish one from the other)
Their print choices will be sent out real soon.


Gudrun Johnston said...

How exciting.....thank you!

Gudrun Johnston said...

sent you a message via etsy!

Kate Boyce said...

This is so cool, thankyou! I love your prints & can't wait to own one. Looking forward to passing it forward too!
X Kate.

Gillian said...

Cool! Thankyou :) Will also send you a message via etsy! Now got to think of something to pass forward.