Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Recently I've seen one or two blogs promoting a PIF (pay it forward) and have been fortunate to be included in one! (crafty remix blog- posted dated feb 06). Since it is only  fair to spread the love, I am happy to send 3 people one of my prints and in return all you have to do is "pay it forward",  you do not have to be a maker or a blogger to take part, you could clear your neighbour's path or help a work colleague or something like that. 
All you have to do is visit my shop and leave a note here on my blog to say which print you like and if i draw you name i will happily send you that print. Three names will be drawn at random on Saturday 14th March. 

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Gudrun Johnston said...

I love your work.....especially 'Washing Day".....and I love the idea of this Pay It Forward game!

Rosemoo said...

I guess my favorite is 'The Beekeeper' but it's really hard to pick. They're all so lovely!



ritasmeeta said...

My favourites are the BeeKeeper and Washing the Fish :)

I'm blogging about your giveaway here too:

Felt~at~home said...

aha......great!! Now, EVERYONE in the world should own at least 6 of your prints!

My fav's are 'last one' 'washing day' & 'fish in the sink'

I loved taking part in the 'fishy' PIF .... I might take your lead & try & think of one - makes lots of people smile.... :) Thanks Jen :)

P xx

demmi said...

nice work I love the Puppy Love Linoprint con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

Kate Boyce said...

Love so many - changed my mind about 10 times but it would have to be 'Walking by his Wild Lone'
because it reminds me of my dear old cat I lost last week. Also though love Jonah and bluebird.
Great idea this if I dont win I may start off a PIF type thing from my blog anyway

ms mendivil said...

I already bought my favorite one, hee-hee. but I also love Butternut Squashed and Blue Bird.

crossing fingers...

Hey Harriet said...

Oooh please count me in! I love all your pieces, but for the sake of picking a fave I'll go with 'The Beekeeper' :) I'd love to have that one on my wall!!!!

This is very lovely of you. Thanks for doing this.

carpelibrum said...

I would love a copy of your "Washing day at the Harbour" linoprint, if I am lucky enough to be picked!

Gillian said...

Ooh, what an excellent idea! I already have Washing Day at The Harbour on my wall, it is beautiful.

My other favourite is 'Fishing Town' although I think 'Cloudy Day' would look great on the opposite wall. They both remind me of where I live as I just live down the road from you :)


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Miss said...

thanks for the opportunity to view your work. "Where did you get to?" speaks to me best. My washing machine and fridge live in the same tiny room, so I often balance and forget food items ontop of the wrong appliance.

You inspire me.


Justin said...

Love the eggplants. You really have wonderful texture in all of your multi-colored work.

Gillian said...

I only just noticed this PIF, although it says Sat 12th of March, I hope you mean tomorrow and I'm not too late :) I would love a copy of 'Across the Water'.

Thanks, Gilly.

smilemonsters said...

It was a hard decision but I like the Where did you get to Hand Pulled Linoprint the best. :)