Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Some might say that i was stealing,
 but in fact i think i was performing an at of citizenship!
okay it was maybe stealing a little bit but, 
there is a cottage at the end of the street 
which is abandoned and there is a huge lilac bush 
which spills over onto the street and does mean you have to step onto the road to get past, 
now i "liberated" loads of the flowers, 
but whose to say that i was not clearing an 
obstruction from a public foot path and doing the public a service.     ; P
Still the whole house smells lovely.

These are two of my latest purchases from etsy 
and i did not "liberate"  these   : D
The first, is two bars of delicious soap, from oliveandoats 
she also included a free organic lotion bar, how kind, 
and the second is a key fob, 
cos i am guilty of leaving them lying anywhere so hopefully...   ?  
anyway this lovely wee package came from jimmypickles. 

This is my swim it forward, swimmy,
 the idea is very simple if every etsian made and forwarded an
 orange fish in theory every etsian in the world
 would have one one their desk!
(and who does not want that i ask you!)
So i am going to send mine off tomorrow to FeltLikeStitchin
and will in turn receive one from Benconservato
I'm sure it will be wonderful and i'll let you know when it arrives. 
If you want to join in just follow the link to the ongoing forum post.


High Desert Diva said...

I miss my buddelia! Summer lilac and all the butterflies...

Your swimmy is great! Lucky FeltLikeStitchin!

zukzuk said...

i commend you for your civic act! hope your sweet smelling lovelies last nicely; for some reason mine always seem to keel over within a few days of being popped in a vase...

Laura B said...

You were saving a member of the public from a serious accident, I think a badge a long with the flowers is in order! Love your little packages, and the fish idea is soo cool, off now to check it out!

Felt~at~home said...

what a BRILLIANT idea......lots of smiles :) I absolutely want to join swimmy is made & ready to go!! I have posted in the forum.....I hope it works.... :) Do I send to the person above or below me - I lost the plot!

The lilacs are beautiful

Felt~at~home said...

p.s.....I want YOUR swimmy!! argghhhhhh.............

raining sheep said...

Beautiful lilacs. I have a great lilac tree in my yard, however it is finished blooming for the year. My guy is allergic to lilacs (actually he has a lot of allergies in spring and summer) so I can only enjoy them on the tree. I too am a big fan of the lovely smell.

pixelsandstitches said...

I have a neighbor with great big lilac blooms and they block the view at the corner of our street.
Maybe next spring I'll get up enough nerve to ask to cut some!

I applaud your sense of duty to the safety of your neighborhood.. he he.

lovemaryxoxo said...

Those Lilac's are stunning. I don't think it was stealing. You were doing free gardening work!

Felt~at~home said...

I got your swimmy !!! I am so touched by it, I can't thank you enough - Jennifer, you are such a kind person. I came just at the right time :) THANK YOU x

Hyla Waldron said...

Very cute blog!t