Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I have been a little remiss with my blog in the last week or so but the 
weather has been great and it is hard to stay tied to the computer but i promise i'm making a real effort to get back up to date with my and your blog! 
 So what have i been up to ?
Well at the weekend i saw Michael Buble in Glasgow, he was great and sang all my favourites.

I've been knitting a pair of slippers, i know, i know, they don't look like much but the still have to be felted, i'll keep you informed of how they look when finished. The wool is unwashed icelandic and millie seems to love it, she keeps lying on it and sticking her head in to the skein, as funny as this is it is not very helpful!

So i felt a new pair of shoes was in order : )

But it's not all spend, spend, spend i have been working too, no honest i have!
i have been customizing one of my prints for a wonderful etsian.

But then i did buy this fantastic classic pull along toy
 for no reason other than i wanted it and it was in a sale.
What about you what have you been up to?


raining sheep said...

Those die for. I LOVE them. I can't believe you went to see Michael Buble...he is like part of the Canadian identity!!

littlebird said...

he was soooo good, raining sheep, funny and chatty and on stage for ages : )

High Desert Diva said...

Love the fish print...and sadly, I've been up to nothing exciting.

littlebird said...

i find that hard to believe, high desert diva, your blog is always packed with interesting stuff!

Mrs.French said...

a lovely montage...thanks for sharing. B would love that sweet toy and your work is fabulous as always! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Love the little houses print :)

And hello from over the Forth. Looks like another lovely day today. :)

djbebe said...

ooo I love your new shoes!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes should be mine!!! and Michaeil Buble......heaven, heaven, heaven!!

Sheryl Wong said...

I love the house prints...:)

The shoes look fabulous too!