Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Charity shop tuesday

Spotted this lovely butter dish in a charity shop last week, and i really like the pattern on the side made me think of chickens or castles,or cameras but since i would just need to buy butter to put in it and in the spirit of being good i decided against it.

However a few days later as i was passing the same shop with a friend who suggested that it did not have to be used as a butter dish and since it was still there...
My latest trinket box.
What about you any great charity shop Tuesday finds?


Kitschnbake said...

I got some lovely new china cups and plates for my imaginary cafe. At this rate I'll never be able to afford the cafe but I'll have enough crockery!!

mommy g said...

I have been looking for a beautiful butter dish - We use a lot of butter here and I prefer to surround myself with things that make me smile. I am motivated to continue my search when I see this one. They are out there! Antique store it is tomorrow.