Thursday, 24 June 2010

This week i have been participating in a "pop-up shop" at the Literary Festival here in Dundee. That's me nestled amongst the cakes, (see, not as daft i look). Along with other visitors i have been enjoying the books, music, lectures, readings, cakes, products and general ambiance of the festival. The sun is shining, and it is wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves, although it seems to me to be a rule of thumb that at any public lecture there is always someone who feels the need to ask a dumb question in the most obnoxious manner they can think of? 
Still the festival runs until Saturday so pop along if you are anywhere near.

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Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds like you are having a nice time..Yes, you are so right..there is usually someone that has to make a pain of themselves. I think it is for attention, don't you?
Sure isn't the way I would want to be remembered..ha, ha..
Take care and have a happy weekend.xoxoRosebud.