Thursday, 24 June 2010

Okay i have been off line for a wee while now but i am back with a vengeance, so here goes...

Last Friday i attended my very first Etsy party, here in Dundee, Scotland.  i had seen many of these parties discussed on Etsy and on fellow Etsian's (?) blogs but to be able to attend one in person was great! There were lots of tables with many busy wee makers chatting, trading  secrets and generally having a great evening.  Each table had a different activity including, felting, embroidery, pin cushion making and i think i even spotted some cake stand making, though i can't be sure and i did not manage to get to that table, (though i desperately wanted
 to). I indulged in a spot of book making and also managed to squeeze in some bunting making, 
(Sandra please note the top of my blog : ) 
in between my gossiping. Just some of the other local makers i met include: 
who makes this wonderful  "Las Vegas" necklace priced @ £20
And also Sandra, who makes many beautiful things, amongst them this gorgeous mouse @ £17.
Sandra also runs Ruby loves Red,
 an online shop based here in the UK selling a treasure trove full of goodies for most any occasion. Do check it out.

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