Tuesday, 19 May 2009

This week i'm going to do a wee tutorial on how to create your own reduction relief print, with multi colours. But before that here is a list of all the materials you will need:
Pencil/pen, rubber (incase of mishaps), set square, paper, cutting mat (so you don't take gouges out of the table, i'm speaking from experience here), inks, roller, palette knife and masking tape, scalpel/scissors, cutting tools and linoleum/linoleum substitute.

The best type of paper to use for relief printmaking is one which has been hot pressed, this gives the surface of the paper a smooth finish. You also want an acid free paper, so that it will not yellow with time. I use Heritage paper.  When cutting paper to size i recommend using an old (slighty blunted) bread knife. The serrated edge of the knife will leave the paper with a rough edge, so that you can tell which edge of the paper was cut by you and which was cut by machine. The edges cut by machine will be at a right angle, your's (mine) might be a little off. It will become obvious later why right angles are important.
Click here to see these images in my flickr account, should you wish to view them a little closer.

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