Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Okay the only other thing we need to do before we get started on the print, is to make a registration board. A registration board will allow you to print each successive colour on top of the previous one(s) without having to guess where the lino should be placed in order to ensure the colours "register".

You will need a flat pice of board cut to a manageable size and light enough to be portable ( just for ease) then using double sided tape cut 2 strips of mount board approx 4" wide. Using your set square make an L shape with the two strips. The corner of the L will be where your lino sits so it is important that the corner is 45% so that it fits, the lino should also be 45%.
Then repeat this step but use 2" strips of mount board this time and again using double sided tape stick this "skinny" L shape onto the "fat" L shape. Use your set square again to make a perfect fight angle. This is where the paper will sit and why it is important to know which sides of your paper were machine cut, (see previous post)Make sure you align the bottom and the back edges of the Ls.
Lastly run a strip of masking tape along the length of the back (upright) of the L. 
Now you have  registration board.
Click here to see the image close up on flickr

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