Thursday, 15 May 2008

My friend and i were rummaging in TKMaxx the other day before going back to pick up her little one from play group. Just as i got to the till i spotted a teapot reduced down to £2, i picked up the box and it showed a white teapot with london iconography on it, you know red double decker bus, Union Jack etc. What a bargain thought i and added it to my haul of other goodies including, a yellow flute glass - £1 and a white blouse - £7. Then i get home and take it out of the box. It might just be the UGLIEST teapot in the world !!!! It is in fact a Henry VIII th teapot, you know the kind that looks like a toby jug. I laughed and laughed, my sister asked why i did not open the box and have a look while in the shop, which clearly i should have, but in my defence, i assumed the pictures on the box represented the product inside, no? The moral of the story is, stop being such a cheapskate!!!!
But i did get a copy of Nina Simone's Greatest Hits for £3.99 at Borders Books so am off to sing along with her : ) (You might want to run for the hills)


Hey Harriet said...

Hahaha! That's too funny! At least you scored a bargain priced Nina Simone CD. That's super cool!

nuvonova said...

Haha! Thanks for the morning giggle, that is hilarious! The box is definitely deceiving!!!

What are those little perspex type figurines next to the flute glass? They look interesting!

I have found some amazing things at TK Maxx but I rarely go because it's nt very well merchandised and gives me a headache.. but sometimes..

High Desert Diva said...

I always love finding bargains at TJMaxx. Gotta say though...that teapot is ugly!

Are you going to return it or keep it as a reminder to open packages and check contents? :-)

You got some other good stuff though!

AlasMyDear said...

oh my, that is too funny! it'd be mighty fun though, to have this head grinning down from his shelf at you? no?

my sis is studying in glasgow now and when she comes home, she speaks just the way you do on your blog! i just missed her a little bit reading your posts.

littlebird said...

nuvonova - the pcture is a little deceiving, they are cookie cutters!! expect pictures of cookies soon : )

high desert diva - i am gonna keep him, firstly as a reminder of the fact that sometimes goods are reduced for a very good reason!!! and also cos i have broken 5 (i know, 5) teapots this year alone. I'll bet this ugly one is still with me in 20 years time : D

alasmydear - hope your sis is enjoying Glasgow : )

brookeahanadaily said...

ha - you're funny - fun blog to read! I actually like the kitschy-ness of that hideous tea pot. Sounds like you like to shop for a bargain as much as myself. I'll definitely be checking back on your blog!
I'm a fellow blogging etsy girl in LA