Friday, 23 May 2008

Got me  a treasury which i called "things i have learned in my life so far"  (It  could do with some lovin if you are so inclined) You can access it here : )
It was insprired by a lecture i heard at the Hub in Edinburgh onWednesday night, by the internationally renowned graphic designer Stefan Seigmeister. He talked about his most current work, a project by the same name, Things i have learned in my life so far 
The idea originated from a list Stefan had  written in his diary but if you go to the website you can add photograhh/draw/paint/sculpt/craete your own "lesson learned" and then upload it. 
It seems like fun to me  and some of the etsy images in my treasury could certainly make it in there!


T said...

How creative! I love this idea...will check out your treasury and give you some love when I get home tonight. :)

Laura B said...

Just found you through 'cosy up's blog' and wanted to say hi. I went of and check out Seigmeister's site and it is so uplifting and makes you think, just bloody get on with it! Been for a peak at your shop too and love your prints, especially "Washing day at the harbour" :)

littlebird said...

i like that laura, i should have "just bloody get on with it" stamped onto my forehead!

Krissy said...

This was a brilliant treasury!