Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Charity Shop Tuesday

While in a local charity shop a few weeks ago, a small and simple black and white box hidden in a basket of odds and ends, sent my (somewhat small and simple) heart a flutter. Could it be a nicely illustrated set of playing cards, perhaps even snap or old maid? The contents of the wee box were enough to make me squeal in delight as you see.

A little research tells me that this set of Happy Families, produced by oxfam, was realised in the mid 70's, though i am not sure of the exact date. Each of the families represents a different country of the world , one or two of the countries have changed/modified their names since the 70's but the illustrations remain as charming now as they must have been when first published.

One of the things i love most about charity shop hunting is the thought of the story that goes with any item you pick up, the life it might have had before you owned it and the life it will continue to have now it is within your possession.

What about you, any charity shop bargains of late?