Wednesday, 1 July 2009

i am thrilled.
I just learned that i will be featured in issue 29, sept/oct of Selvedge.
I entered a competition in the april/may issue and as the winner my work will be published in the later issue.
 Selvedge magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to " a belief system based on a cerebral and sensual addiction to  textiles in all forms". Fashion, travel, interiors, shopping and fine art are all characteristics of Selvedge. For me it was their use of beautiful illustrations that first bewitched me, so you can imagine how happy i am to now be amongst them. For any one interested in craft, beauty, colour and textiles Selvedge will certainly feed your addiction. 
Their website can be found here.
This is the Linoprint which will be featured, it accompanies a poem by Sujata Bhatt called In Her Green Dress, She Is.
In Her Green Dress, She Is 
--Sujata Bhatt 

In her green dress, she is 
the background and the foreground - 

A green dress the colour 
of iris stems, 
the ones in the background - 

A green dress 
the colour of iris stems against grass - 

Green on green on green - 

She is the foreground 
and the background - 

Her face intent because 
she's listening to a bird in the distance - 
a single bird - persistent - 
calling again and again - 
Its song slit, cleft - 
rising and falling 
and rising again through the stillness. 
Its song clinging to the leaves - 
A melody 
that must have moved Bach - 

Her face intent because irises 
have flung themselves open in the heat: 
Blue petals arched like so many little blue tongues 
tasting the air - 

Those yellow hearts cannot hide anymore. 

Even the black stones, the oval shaped 
black stones of her necklace 
can see you 

It is June: Full of Humid Shadows, 
purple clouds - it will rain 
in an hour. The irises will sway 
in the wind - a few stems will 
get bent by the rain - broken - 
and her green dress will get drenched 
along with the grass 
where the stems will lie 
broken - 

But she will walk away 
laughing - she will walk slowly 
lingering in the green wetness


Laura B said...

Wow, congratulations! I love Selvedge!!! The lady in the green dess print is very powerful, did you use the poem as inspiration?

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! Congratulations! I love your piece and can see why it was chosen to be featured! Woohoo!!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful image of an angel in a green dress. I love Selvedge to bits and I look forward to seeing her in print. Your work is really lovely.

Jackie said...

Congratulations. I used to subscribe to Selvedge but something had to give when times got hard!