Thursday, 11 June 2009

I spent yesterday afternoon @ Distance Labs Open Day in Forres, Scotland. Distance Lab is a creative research organisation for digital media technology and design, focused on the theme of distance. They are a group of interdisciplinary professionals including scientists, designers, artists, and engineers. They geanerate ideas and build prototypes that inspire and can lead to new innovative products and services. They claim to "sit at the awkward interface between academia and industry... We don't just philosophise and write about the future, we invent it "
It was fascinating and so inspirational, the projects that were being developed and researched there were both imaginative and original.  Their ethical policy impressed me also, their driving force is to "make the world a better place"
If you get the chance do visit/work with them and in the mean time here is their site.
Just one of their success stories is Lost Values, a company created by Elena Conchero, which melds craft and technology with ethics at the heart of her companies beliefs.
Visit the Lost Values shop here but be warned. you'll most likely be seduced by the wonderful selection of goodies inc :
Solar Vintage Fans
U&V puzzle pins
Reflective Lace
Solar Street Light Kit.

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