Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Well,  after much cleaning, rummaging in the attic and unpacking my house now looks like a winter wonderland and St Nick 
himself would not feel out of place!
What about you? are your decorations up yet?  
do share, i'd love to see photos : )


Hey Harriet said...

You have the cutest Christmas decorations! I haven't even put mine up yet. I'm so slack!

Anonymous said...

ha ha......your decorations are lovely!! I saw the coffee pot there too....I love the print you've done of them :)

I have put mine up and took some photos which I will post later on today.

I'm SO excited about 'trout potato'...her b'day's not until 15th Feb, so no rush.....fab!!

Happy Christmas Jen xx

annax said...

Oh! You have done so well! It looks beautiful!
I have to wait until the 20th myself. My children want to do it on their first day off school and my husband will be off to UK for a couple of days, so the putting up the tree will keep us busy :) ... making biscuits with ribbons to hang in the tree too.. yummm

Rosebud Collection said...

What great decorations..They are all adorable..Haven't finished, just put up a few so far..Hope you get this comment..they keep sending me a notice that it won't deliver to you..

raining sheep said...

Oooooooh! You have the cutest decorations. I love it. LOVE IT. That bottom lady angel is really sweet.