Monday, 18 August 2008

My good friend helen over at ZukZuk, points out to me that over at blackoutwell they have a sale on, but i cannot seem to figure it out? perhaps i am too late and have missed the sale? but any excuse to show some of her lovely charactors!


raining sheep said...

Cute characters...they remind me a bit of some of the illustrations you would find in Czech children's books - I have some from my childhood that incorporate this style of drawing. Kinda brings back nice memories.

zukzuk said...

my apologies! i saw some information about blackoutwell over at the illustration blog, but clearly the sale is over. sorry for getting your hopes up.

in other exciting news....

my beautiful littlebird print arrived today! we've only been together a few hours but i love it so much already. seriously, it's even so much better in the hand -- totally adore it, thank you. once i get it shacked up in it's new digs i'll send you a picture.