Monday, 17 March 2008

i have managed to snag a treasury on etsy. The title, To err is human, to forgive, canine" so as you might guess there is a dog theme going on. You can view it in it's original state @ :

It will be there until  the wee hours of thursday  morning.
Absolutely everything in it is lovely but a few of my fav's inc:
bluebellfolkart's "circus dog" 
kaymcgonagh's "original dog etching"  
WelcometotheDoghouse's "french bulldog art print"  and
MessyfishDotCom's  "Chily plus Rita"
Feel free to leave a comment on the treasury page, if you are so inclined  : )


Amy said...

great treasury, and beautiful blog...

Distressing Delilah said...

That is the best treasury title ever! It is so adorable!