Friday, 8 February 2008

I realised that yesterday i spoke about getting a treasury on etsy but i did not explain what etsy is. (I have this habit of asuming you  know everything i know, and this of course is not the case!)
any how Etsy , is a community of international artist and craft makers who promote and sell their wares in small individual shops underneath the umbrella of mother etsy!
There are literally thousands of shops selling prints, jewellery, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, metal work, clothing, glass ware, candles, wood work, music, beauty products, toys, furniture, paper goods, knitted, felted and crocheted products to name but a few. the list is inexhaustible, if it can be hand made then the chances are you will find there on etsy. Added to all this wonderful treasure there is also a supplies and a vintage section. i promise you can lose hours in there!!!!
this is the "front" of my wee shop.

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